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Veterans and Tinnitus

Posted by Kerrie Denner

A Progressive Approach:

A sequential program emerges as one of the most promising, research-based methods to help veterans manage their tinnitus. 

In order to help patients, it is necessary to mitigate the functional effects of tinnitus, such as difficulties with sleep, concentration, and relaxation. 

Living Chronic Resilience

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Participating in our healing and our future is essential. It’s just the strategy that needs adjusting. Realizing that the mind cannot cure the body (or finances, or relationship, or business, or, or, or,…) allows for two VERY important things.

Should Your Doctor Make a "Psych" Diagnosis?

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Vestibular disorders are difficult to diagnose. Occasionally, a patient with challenging symptoms will be referred for a mental health evaluation instead of additional testing to determine whether there is a physical cause. Amelia Ruzicka discusses whether and when it is appropriate for a medical doctor to label a patient with a mental health diagnosis.


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