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Julius Schnapp Leaves His Legacy

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Many thanks to Marjorie & Juluis Schnapp - their legacy will improve the lives of millions of vestibular patients today and in years to come.

VeDA would like to honor the memory of Marjorie Schnapp, a long-time member who recently passed away. Marjorie’s late husband, Julius, ensured her care through a charitable remainder trust, a portion of which was bequeathed to VeDA.


Posted by Cynthia Ryan

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) announces the annual VeDA Champion of Vestibular Medicine Award initiative to increase awareness of vestibular disorders that affect the inner ear and brain. 2017 award recipients include David Zee, MD, Richard Clendaniel, PhD, and Jeffrey Staab, MD, MS.


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