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Zen Beach Stone - Sharon PruitAs a healthcare professional specializing in vestibular disorders, you want to provide the best quality care to your patients. VeDA partners with healthcare providers to promote awareness for vestibular disorders, increase access to information about diagnosis and treatment,  and help patients find specialists in their area.

By becoming a professional member of VeDA you'll be joining a community of vestibular professionals to help elevate awareness for vestibular disorders and improve treatment outcomes. Your VeDA membership entitles you to many benefits, including:

  • A listing in VeDA's popular professional provider directory, available on VeDA's website
  • Unlimited access to electronic copies of all of VeDA's patient education materials, co-branded with your clinic's contact information
  • Discounts on bulk orders of hard-copy patient educational materials
  • A complimentary subscription to VeDA's quarterly newsletter, "On the Level," which includes up-to-date information on research, news and training opportunities for professionals
  • The opportunity to post workshops and training opportunities on VeDA's website
  • Professional members can post research studies to recruit participants (Click here to submit information on your research study.)

Click here to register as a professional member or renew your membership, or download a membership form and fax it to VeDA at 503.229.8064. 

Group Practice Memberships

VeDA offers 2 levels of Group Practice Membership: Clinic memberships include up to five (5) individual professional memberships. Hospital memberships include up to ten (10) individual professional memberships. Click here to sign up for a hospital or clinic membership, or contact us at or (800) 837-8428 for more information.


Corporate-level memberships are tailored to suit your organization's needs. Contact Michelle Eyres at 503.294.9085 or via email at

If you are already a professional member you can add or change your provider directory listing online. See our FAQs for a step-by-step guide, or contact a customer service representative for assistance.

Photo courtesy of D.Sharon Pruitt

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