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For over 30 years, VeDA has been supporting vestibular patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them. Our vision is a world where vestibular disorders are widely understood, rapidly diagnosed, and effectively treated so patients can restore balance and regain life.

Your gift makes a difference! There are many ways you can support VeDA:

Become a Member or Renew Your Membership

You can become part of an active community of support by joining VeDA today! By becoming a member you’ll be helping VeDA connect millions of people suffering from balance disorders to the resources they need to better understand their illness so they can advocate for themselves and receive effective treatment. Plus you’ll receive the benefits of membership, including:

Individuals: Click here to be a part of our Community of Support. You can choose to make an annual membership gift or join the Sustaining Circle.

Professionals: Click here to become a professional member or renew your professional membership: You can choose to join as an Individual Professional or your small to mid-size company can join as a Group Practice. Contact us if you are interested in Corporate Membership.


You can support VeDA’s mission to serve people with vestibular disorders by making a tax-deductible donation today! Your gift will help us expand our outreach and increase our advocacy efforts so that we can serve even more vestibular patients. Your donation to VeDA makes a difference. It helps ensure that we can continue to:

  • Provide clear, objective information to people with limited energy.
  • Provide affordable support services to people with limited income.
  • Offer our free online directory of health professionals so that people can find the diagnosis and treatment specialists they need.
  • Promote public awareness for vestibular disorders and the life-changing limitations they impose on the millions of people who suffer from them.

Yes, I want to help VeDA change lives! You can donate online using your credit card or print this form and return it to us via mail or fax.

Become a Balance Benefactor to make the greatest impact! 

Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

Event Sponsorships are available at varying levels. Join us in the spring for Dizzy Dash or the fall for Balance Awareness Week (BAW)!

Corporate Partnerships are annual agreements that are customized to meet your company's needs while furthering VeDA's mission. 

Include VeDA in your Will or Estate Planning

By including VeDA in your Will or estate planning you’ll be providing a lasting gift to help people with vestibular disorders in perpetuity, while realizing tax benefits for yourself and your family. To learn more about joining VeDA’s Balance Society contact us at (503) 294-9085 or via email at

Donate your IRA RMD

Individuals age 70 ½ and older must take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from their IRA each year. Did you know that you can donate up to $100,000/year from your IRA to a charitable organization tax-free? A direct contribution to VeDA from your IRA can satisfy the RMD without having to report additional income on your personal tax return.

Everyone’s tax situation is different. If you are considering a charitable contribution to VeDA from your IRA, we recommend consulting a tax advisor to see if it is right for you.

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