Sustaining Circle Members

Community of Support to Defeat DizzinessMembers of VeDA's Sustaining Circle provide reliable funding for VeDA to carry out our mission throughout the year by making a monthly gift. To join the Sustaining Circle, or learn more about supporting VeDA through membership, click here

VeDA sincerely thanks our Sustaining Circle Members:

Dr. Coral Armstrong, DVM

Mr. Irfan Aziz

Mrs. Lauren Baccetti-Eck

Ms. Luanne Baldridge

Ms. Carolyn Bourg

Ms. Barbara Brandom

Dr. Donna K Buechler

Mr. Paul Burnside

Mr. David Calabrese

Mr. Dinsdale Compton

Mr. Clifford Coss

Mrs. Betty Cress

Mrs. Theresa Dunagan

Ms. Johanna Fanara

Ms. Linda Fellman

Ms. Jeanne Frost

Ms. Louise B Geib

Ms. Mary Graves

Rev. Christine Haggerty

Mrs. Jannelle Hamilton

Ms. Amanda Heaton

Ms. Marge Hewett

Mr. Douglas Huffman

Mrs. Jennifer M Husak

Mrs. Debra A Hutton

Mr. Alfred L Izzarone

Ms. Carole Jerd

Ms. Cynthia K Killam

Mr. David Klosterman

Mrs. Amy A Kuch

Mrs. Debra Ladvienka

Mrs. Evelyn Lee

Ms. Maria C Lubrano

Ms. Samar Malek

Mr. Kamal Kishore Mantri

Ms. Kathy D McGee

Ms. Kathy D McGee

Ms. Faith McGill-Cossick

Mrs. Jean McGovern

Ms. Donna McKamy

Ms. Dianne Montances

Mrs. Eugenia Murray-McGinnis

Mr. Michael Pair

Mr. John M Phillips

Ms. Elvira Rice

Ms. Deborah C Richardson

Ms. Rebecca J Rubin

Ms. Ann Rybak

Ms. Rose Simpson

Mr. Jeffery J Smolinski

Mr. Randolph G Szabla

Ms. Georgina Villeneuve

Ms. Kimberly Whelan

Mrs. Lynnette York

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